The S&T Advising Center

The S&T Advising Center provides quality advising services as well as offers resources to freshman, new transfer and current students.

Students and their advisors form a collaborative relationship in order to promote each student's academic, career and personal development. Although academic advising is a collaborative function of both student and advisor, the final responsibility for satisfying University and major requirements rests with the student.


What is the Advising Center?

The transition to college is an exciting time with lots of questions and new opportunities.  The S&T Advising Center is designed to help incoming students with multiple aspect of a successful transition into the university community. Students will engage with a wide variety of resources to assure your success at Missouri S&T.

All incoming students are assigned an Academic Advisor in the S&T Advising Center. 

Throughout your first-year, your advisor in the S&T Advising Center will help you lay the foundations of a coherent educational plan that address your unique abilities, aspirations, interests, and values. We will help you discover why the choices you make are right for you.


Who does the S&T Advising Center Serve?

Students who are undecided, studying engineering and computer science are admitted to the S&T Advising Center. During the first two or three semesters on campus, you will work to complete a common set of Pre-Engineering or Pre-Computer Science courses while acquiring information to help you determine your major and career.  

After successfully completing the Pre-Engineering or Pre-Computer Science requirements, you will formally apply for admission to a specific academic department. The requirements for acceptance to degree programs differ depending on the department. Many departments have a minimum GPA requirement. Some departments allow you to start taking courses in your major prior to officially being accepted into the department, provided you have successfully completed the prerequisites for any course you take — check with your advisor. After you are accepted into a degree program, you will be assigned a new advisor from your major department