Working Outside Class

This page will be dedicated to everything a student needs to do outside of the classroom to be successful. From completing homework assignments efficiently to studying to preparing for different kinds of tests, every great resource we can find will be placed on this page.

Generally speaking, college student culture across the nation most often states that long, arduous hours are required outside of class to be successful. This simply isn't true. It is absolutely an irrational belief that physical suffering through all-nighters and study marathons will make you a better student through this belief away in favor of well-planned, efficient, and practical work habits. Spending a little time exploring this advice should reduce the time you spend studying. As they say, "quality over quantity."


General Work-Related material

Pseudo-Work Does Not Equal Work-Study Hacks - Do you ever find yourself staring at your work while your mind wonders? This article offers a tremendous mathematical explanation of the effectiveness of your work over time and tips on eliminating "pseudo-work."

On the Value of Hard Focus - Study Hacks - Do you have trouble staying focused? This author answers a question submitted by a student with the same problem. The ability to focus for any period is a skill. Luckily, this skill can be learned by using these suggestions.


Specific Solutions

Studying for Tests and Quizzes - Study Hacks - This article is a summary of a larger book on solid test preparation. It uses the original Question/Evidence/Conclusion model to break a large amount of information into smaller, memorable chunks.

Studying for Multiple Choice Tests - Study Hacks - Do you have a 25+ question test coming up consisting of only multiple-choice questions? This system has a solid one-two punch for making all the information stick in your memory.

The Morse Code Method - Study Hacks - Do you have an article or some other non-textbook reading to do? Try this fascinating method to finish the article faster and be more prepared to discuss the details of the reading.