On-Track registration occurs each semester for enrollment in On-Track in the following semester. The program is completely free to you, and lunch will be provided at all lunch-time seminars. A complete list of seminar dates is coming; however, every seminar will take place on a Wednesday from 12pm-12:50pm. There will be 7 seminars in total, but please be sure to have Wednesday from 12pm-12:50pm open. If you do not have this time available, do not register for the program.


Seminar 1:  02/03/2021
    Note Taking & Info Processing

Seminar2: 02/17/21 
     Time Management

Seminar 3: 03/03/21
      Personality Types & Learning Styles

Seminar 4:  03/10/21
     Breaking Bad Habits
Seminar 5: 03/31/21
     Midterm Recovery

Seminar 6: 04/14/21

Seminar 7:  04/21/21
     Wrap-up/Finals Preparation

All seminars from 12:00 pm - 12:50 pm, All session will be held via Zoom.

Registration closes on January 28, 2021 at midnight.  Registration will also be capped at 130 students, so please enroll early.

Registration for Spring 2021, Please click here