GPA Tips


Desired GPA Calculator

The Missouri S&T Registrar's page has a little-known tool: the Desired GPA Calculator. The Desired GPA calculator will tell you how many hours of grade quality work you need to achieve your desired GPA. Check it out here.  


How do I find my Major GPA?

Your Major GPA can be an important number. Especially for students who have struggled with prerequisites or have changed majors, an outstanding Major GPA can sometimes, depending on the situation, help support a lower cumulative GPA. To find your Major GPA, follow the process below:

  1. Sign into  Joe'SS.
  2. Select the "Academic Progress" Tile
  3. Then Select "Request Degree Audit" and then request degree audit again.
  4. If you are an Engineering/Computer Science Major, you will click "Select a Different Program," then select your desired major i.e., Civil Engineering, then put your catalog year (this is the year you started at S&T i.e., Fall 2018), click "Run Different Program Or you can "Run Declared Program" which will run what you are currently listed in i.e., FR-Civ Eng. This audit will show you what is still required to be able to apply to your department.
  5. Once the audit runs you will then click on the link under "Program" i.e. FRESHMAN ENGINEERING BS
  6. Once this opens you will click on "Open All Sections"
  7. At the bottom of the page, you will see the "Legend" that explains what the symbols are.
  8. Here is where you can see what your GPA is and how many hours you have taken.