GPA Tips

Desired GPA Calculator

The Missouri S&T Registrar's page has a little-known tool: a Desired GPA Calculator. The Desired GPA calculator will tell you how many hours of what grade quality work you need to achieve your desired GPA.  Check it out here.  (Note: The Current Semester and Overall Coursework calculators don't seem to work as of July 2010)


How do I find my Major GPA?

Your Major GPA can be a very important number. Especially for students who have struggled with prerequisites or have changed majors, a great Major GPA can sometimes, depending on the situation, help support a lower cumulative GPA. To find your Major GPA, follow the process below:

  1. Sign into  Joe'SS .
  2. Click "Self Service"
  3. Under "Degree Progress/Graduation," click "Request Audit." 
  4. If it is not done automatically, pick your "Academic Plan (degree program)," "Sub Plan (if applicable)," and "Requirement Term."
  5. Click "Request Your Audit." Let it process.
  6. Click "View Your Requested Audits"
  7. View the Text version. Then, scroll down to Group 6: "School Requirements Include a 2.00 in Major Field of Study." This will tell you how many hours you have taken within your field of study and the GPA you have for those hours.