About On-Track

What is On-Track?
As one of the Undergraduate Advising Office’s main programs, the On-Track Academic Success Program is aimed at increasing at-risk students’ academic and personal success. On-Track accomplishes this through refining student’s study skills, self management skills, and knowledge of campus resources and by facilitating the formation of stronger relationships with professors, classmates, and other sources of support. Participants engage in the program through seminars, one-on-one meetings, and supplemental activities tailored to a student's specific needs. A schedule of On-Track commitments can be found on the home page.

On-Track prides itself on being one of the most responsive programs on campus with regard to student needs. In Spring and Fall 2009 extensive feedback was gathered from program participants on changes they would like to see in the program and quickly put into action. This program is created for students by students. It is also completely free to all participants. 

What is the time commitment?
On-Track is a small time commitment, taking only 12-15 hours throughout the course of the entire semester. Seminars are roughly an hour each. One-on-one or group meetings take about half an hour a piece. Each participant is encourage to complete up to 3 hours of prescribed activities. Because the time commitment is so small, attendance is crucial at each event

What is the benefit of On-Track?
In the 12-15 hours, those who complete the On-Track program see, on average, about .5 point increase in their semester GPA. 25% of participants increase their GPAs by more than a whole point. 
Participants will also make important friends and connections that will help them to use their time doing homework and studying more effectively. 

What did previous On-Track participants think of the program? What are they doing differently now that they've been through On-Track? Take a look:
  • “I’m spending more time on campus. With less distraction, I can study better and complete homework quicker.”
  • “I’ve been going to LEAD tutoring and teacher’s office hours a lot more, which has increased my participation in class.”
  • "Keeping a calendar and schedule with any syllabi, homework, and appointments."
  • "I have become more involved and willing to seek outside help."
  • "I'm changing my major AND in turn am more motivated about school."
  • "I'm studying more, working with people in my classes and feeling more motivated about going to class."
  • "Asking a lot of questions in class."
  • "Overall, a great experience. Helped out a lot."


Seminar Information:
The On-Track seminars have been selected by a combination of past On-Track participants and On-Track Mentors as the subject areas most likely needed for someone struggling academically. The seminar content is based on academic success research and the personal experiences of various S&T students. The seminars are always engaging and often interactive, following a model used increasingly more frequently in the corporate world to network peers.

Each seminar takes place from Noon-1pm on seven specified Wednesdays throughout the semester. Lunch is provided at each seminar. If a class or other commitment conflicts, please e-mail ontrack@mst.edu and describe your conflict.

Seminar topics include developing focus, avoiding “pseudo-work,” time management, breaking bad classroom habits, note taking, test preparation, looking for jobs without a high GPA, finding motivation, using your professor as a resource, learning styles, and information processing..