Motivation and Attitude

Staying motivated and maintaining a positive attitude when things start to get the best of you can sometimes be very difficult. These two concepts are usually tied very closely together, which is why they will be addressed as such here. Problems with coursework, personal issues, and other life distractions can lead to a lack of any desire to work or focus. These effects are compounded when people don't feel a strong "fit" with their degree program, the university, or even the whole college experience. 

Below is a sampling of various resources that may help you identify and fix any motivation problem you think you have and help you map out the way back to feeling good about your plan. There will be an On-Track seminar dedicated specifically to getting motivated, but these other approaches may work better for you. If there is something that gets you motivated and is not shown here pass on the information to us.

Articles and Books:

Willpower as a Resource - Study Hacks - Do you hate being told you have to do something? Does it totally demotivate you? Researchers aren't surprised. This short blog post discusses some amazing findings of the way people think and how it relates to their ability to get work done.


Videos and Podcasts:

Six Hidden Factors of Motivation - Find out what factors motivate you to work. Knowing these factors and identifying them in others will help you to communicate and trust your co-workers in classes and group projects.