On-Track registration occurs each semester for enrollment in On-Track in the following semester. The program is completely free to you, and lunch will be provided at all lunch-time seminars. A complete list of seminar dates is coming; however, every seminar will take place on a Wednesday from 12pm-12:50pm. There will be 7 seminars in total, but please be sure to have Wednesday from 12pm-12:50pm open. If you do not have this time available, do not register for the program.


Seminar 1:  February 8
     Introductory Seminar

Seminar 2:  February 15
     Test Anxiety

Seminar 3:  March 1
     Note Taking and Information Processing

Seminar 4:  March 15
     Midterm Recovery

Seminar 5:  April 5

Seminar 6:  April 12
     Personality Types and Learning Styles

Seminar 7:  April 19
     Wrap-up/Finals Preparation

All seminars from 12:00pm - 12:50pm and in G5 H/SS

Registration closes on January 27, 2017 at midnight.  Registration will also be capped at 130 students, so please enroll early.

Registration for Spring 2017, Please click here